Abstracts: Topiary Arrangements

AB105 Branch of LIfe
AB58 The Fall of Autumn
AB76 Crepusular Light
AB30 Athena's Speares
AB84 Obstructed Vignette with Sinister Skies
AB91 Earth's Bounty
AB67 Swell
AB51 Frosty Morning
AB87 Natural Colors
AB86 My Life in the Bush of Ghosts
AB66 Seismic Profile
AB49 Oak Savannah
AB31 Density Distribution
AB38 Umbrella Oak
AB79 Diametrical Impression
AB56 Frost Katana
AB15 Alas, Poor Yorick!
AB70 Sumac and Sky
AB42 Estimated Distribution
AB50 Ghost Tree
AB96 Birch Bark Reunion
AB81 Temporal Evolution
AB80 Upland Trees
AB65 Morning on the Savannah
AB32 The Decline of Autumn
AB19 Rose and Saffron
AB18 Saffron Leaves and Dew
AB17 Teal Leaves and Dew
AB29 Dew Dappled Daybreak
AB63 Purples and Blues in the Forest
AB39 Asymmetric Matter