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Basswood Falls

Boulder and the Basswood River at dawn, Booundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, Minnnesota

There is a coveted campsite at the base of Basswood Falls that is probably occupied the entire canoeing season. A number of years back a few friends, my wife and myself decided to paddle to the falls simply to have a look see. We knew there was a campsite here but weren't too optimistic on it being available. To our pleasant surprise the site was open. We steamed in, set up camp and eventually decided to stay an additional night. The sound of the falls was soothing and the fishing was good. We left two evenings later refreshed and spiritually uplifted. I returned to this site years later, not to camp but to have another look see. The falls was beautiful as before, but the site looked the worse for wear having been beaten down and trampled from relentless traffic. I feel very fortunate to have paddled in this remarkable wilderness before it became so popular. Photo © copyright by Gary Alan Nelson.